Project Management

Our clients want to know the implications of their decisions, especially when large-scale and technically complex solutions with many moving parts are being implemented.

This enables us to assist clients in the planning, controlling, executing and close-out of projects, with maximised ROI and technical integrity.


When looking at new business units, start-ups or operational turnarounds, we implement a structured approach.


  • Codify production process/supply and customer arrangements; fixed costs and variable costs.
  • Codify order-book/sales/revenue forecast based on historic profiles, if any, determine the correct sales/revenue diffusion curves based on researched market dynamics.
  • Codify customer and supplier payment terms as well as any current funding arrangements.
  • Derive resultant cashflows and cash requirements.
  • Derive Key Value Drivers (KVDs).
  • Build a scenario manager that solves for the desired outcome (NPV/IRR/maximum funding needed) where we are able to flip through different model scenarios representing a set of business decisions that could be made.

  • Determine the impact of different operational processes.
  • Determine maximum cashflow and capital requirements, based on business capacity and probable revenue forecast.
  • Determine the optimal investment case (NPV/IRR/pay back/max capital needed, etc).
  • Determine the impact of different business model options/changes.
  • Determine the impact of the terms attached to additional funding required.
  • Landscape mapping and analysis.
  • Determine and test the most impactful and practical, if any, changes needed for the business or project to maximise value.
  • Determine capacity to implement.
  • Implementation/project plans.
  • Cashflow and financial plans.

Technical specifications, where necessary

Set Operational Parameters and Execute
  • Pricing.
  • Contracting.
  • Other key parameters to monitor.
  • Execute.
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