Preservation and reprinting of the Black Review publication

I was very proud to have played a very small part in the preservation and reprinting of the Black Review publication that was banned in 1977 by the apartheid government.

The publication contains contemporary views on the black condition in the mid-1970s written very much from a black consciousness perspective.

The Black Review was published by the BCP a project that emanated from the ideas of one Steve Biko, his thinking at the time in 1972:

“the Black man is a defeated being who finds it very difficult to lift himself up by his bootstrings. He is alienated. He is made to live all the time concerned with matters of existence, concerned with tomorrow”. Now, we felt that we must attempt to defeat and break this kind of attitude and instill once more a sense of dignity within the Black man”

Thanks to President Ramaphosa, former President Motlanthe, Rev Chikane, Dr Saths Cooper, Amb Mzi Maqetuka and Dr Ramphele for supporting the program as well as the rest 70’s group for their sterling work in reviving this important piece of our history.

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