On this human rights day its worthy to examine the anatomy of the relationship…

On this human rights day its worthy to examine the anatomy of the relationship between the powerful and the former captive. This movie portrays a happy, singing, dancing former slave during the American reconstruction era. Uncle Remus, still lives on the same plantation with his former slave master.

To many it represents a mockery of the true nature of the African American condition immediately after freedom.

The former slave had no land or capital to build his/her life and largely depended on the former master to make a living. This after Lincoln was murdered before he could deliver on his promise to give land and a mule to each freed slave as a form of systematically giving the former slave base capital to build his/her life.

Study after study shows that the long term socio economic impact of this has been profound on the economic viability of African American society even when controlling for education and political influence.

In the final analysis, there is only one kind of freedom that matters, economic freedom. It is the only way not to have the Uncle Remus condition perpetuating…


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