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ARTICLE: BT Industrial Group Transforms Core Business Functions to Join Africa’s COVID Fight

The arrival of the novel coronavirus saw many businesses step-up and repurpose their strategies out of the necessity to either curb supply shortages of medical protective equipment or to curb the country’s reliance on poorly manufactured and unregulated protective products.
In response to the pandemic, the BT Industrial Group, a multi-award-winning, 100% black-owned and managed manufacturing solutions business, augmented its plastics-processing capacity to include polymer-based medical fabrics and components which emanated in the creation of BT Medical Devices.

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PODCAST FEATURE: Winner of the CEO Circle Entrepreneurs Award

PowerFM features BT Industrial Group’s Managing Director, Kgomotso Lekola, discussing how BT Industrial Group was selected as one of the winners of the CEO Circle Entrepreneurs Award for being deemed a high-potential enterprise “with the ability to grow into a significant company of R500m-plus in value”.