Case Study – The Zone Rosebank

Pioneering Water Reuse: Elevating Sustainability and ESG Excellence in South African Retail

Project Overview

In a landmark initiative, BT-Piping Systems Design & Engineering crafted an advanced wastewater treatment plant for a prominent retail shopping centre in South Africa. Recognising the critical need for water conservation in a resource-scarce world, we devised an innovative solution: redirect all grey water from the shopping centre to our purpose-engineered treatment plant, treat the water, and pump it back.

Our Solution

Our state-of-the-art plant purifies this grey water to high standards, after which it is reintroduced into the shopping centre’s water system for non-potable use—such as landscape irrigation, cooling systems, and toilet flushing. This significantly reduces the centre’s reliance on municipal water supply, thereby relieving strain on local resources.

Sustainability Impact

By treating and recycling grey water, our system drastically curtails the volume of wastewater released into the municipal system. Furthermore, only minimal top-up water is required to compensate for processing loss—maximising water efficiency and contributing to sustainable water management.

ESG Benefits

This project not only stands as a testament to engineering innovation but also to forward-thinking corporate responsibility. By significantly reducing water consumption and waste, we’ve helped the shopping centre’s owners improve their ESG score—making their property more appealing to eco-conscious tenants and investors alike.


Innovative Grey Water
Treatment System Design
Significant Reduction in Municipal Water Consumption
Enhanced Sustainability and Water Efficiency
Elevated ESG Score for Property Owners
Contribution to Responsible Community Development

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