Case Study: Sustainable Water Management in Industrial Processes – a 16 times money back ROI


A medium-scale industrial company with substantial water requirements for its processes found itself grappling with monthly water and sewage expenses ranging from R800k to R 1.2m.

The problem was two-fold. Firstly, the client’s water use from the municipality was high. Secondly, the sewer cost charged by the municipality was also high. Municipalities work on the assumption that the significant water volume – approx. 120 m³ – would be processed through the municipal system.

An aggravating factor was the low water pressure which meant that the supply was not consistent during the day. This resulted in an unhygienic workplace as water for toilets and human consumption was not always available.


The escalating costs were becoming a burden, and there was a pressing need to devise a solution that would not only provide consistent water supply but also significantly reduce the sewage charges associated with such vast consumption.


We introduced a comprehensive and integrated borehole water system:

Water Treatment:
The drawn borehole water underwent a rigorous treatment process, ensuring it was fit for industrial use.

Integration with Industrial Process:
This treated water was then integrated seamlessly into the company’s existing process water system.

Temperature Regulation:
The system was designed to cool down the water efficiently. Warm water from the industrial processes, is cooled through a combination of cooling towers and ponds.

Optimised Water Circulation:
An internal sump for water collection pool was constructed within the plant premises to manage immediate water needs. The warm water is collected internally through gravity flow in the sump and then pumped out to the external pool through a Disc Filtration system. The cooled water is then pumped back into the system.

Electronic Control:
The water circulation, cooling, and overall balancing is electronically controlled, ensuring optimal usage and minimum wastage.


Our innovative solution effectively eliminated the company’s dependence on municipal water. Furthermore, we assisted the company in showcasing to the municipality how the water was being recycled. This demonstration played a pivotal role in ensuring the company no longer had to bear hefty sewage use fees.

Financial Impact

With the new system in place, the company experienced substantial annual savings, amounting to approximately R15m in municipal water costs translating into 16 times money back ROI based on their investment horizon.


Through strategic planning and implementation of a borehole-based water system, we not only ensured a consistent water supply but also translated into significant financial savings for the company. This case underscores the potential of sustainable water management in the industrial sector.

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