Case Study: Netcare Hospital Group’s Transition to BTMD Prefilled Syringes


Netcare, a leading South African hospital group, was keen on leveraging the potential benefits of prefilled syringes to realise significant economic savings and amplify treatment outcomes. BTMD was approached to design and implement a suite of prefilled syringes to be deployed across their expansive network of hospitals.

The Problem

Upon examining traditional methods of parenteral medication administration, the risk of contamination and reconstitution errors in clinical environments was alarmingly high, reaching averages of 7.47%. Such inefficiencies translated into substantial direct and indirect costs, not only in terms of monetary losses but also in jeopardising patient safety.

The Analysis

By considering the findings of Larmere-Beld et al.’s 2019 study and adapting to the unique circumstances of South Africa, we were able to estimate the cost for Netcare. Additionally, our research revealed that half of the medications administered in hospitals could potentially be prefilled. By implementing BTMD’s terminal sterilisation for all syringe products, Netcare could potentially reap benefits of up to R800m per year.

The Solution: BTMD Opti Syringe

  • Optimised Design:Crafted to reduce vascular damage risks owing to high delivery pressures.
  • Diverse Options:Including 20ml and 30ml sizes, apt for urinary catheter filling post-urological procedures.
  • State-of-the-Art Sterilisation:Further minimising contamination probabilities.
  • Superior Flushing Solutions:The latest 4% Sodium Citrate was identified as a promising alternative to traditional solutions.
  • Specialised Uses:The syringes catered to specific departments like ER, Paediatrics, and Neonatal, where precision is crucial.

Anticipated Impact

Embracing the Opti syringes, Netcare is projected to:

  • Achieve a time-saving equivalent to 1300 person-days by streamlining preparations.
  • Generate 80% less waste, translating to 12m fewer plastic items and weighing 8% lighter.
  • Drastically curtail instances of potential errors and cross-contamination.

Looking Forward

Our product has been recognised as an essential component of progressive healthcare provision. As a result, it has been added to the training manuals of medical practitioners, emergency care, and nursing staff.

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