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Precision Pipe System Design: The Core of Cost Efficiency

Efficient piping is critical in mineral processing and water treatment plants, striving for sustainability, reliability, and safety. Over specified pipes in mining lead to 30% profit loss, driven by needless expenses, energy waste, and increased maintenance. BT Industrial’s solution: data-driven pipe optimisation. We enable smart and scalable choices, preventing financial risks and upholding reputation. Embrace efficiency in mining with us for a successful balance of performance and economy, even in harsh environments.

BT Industrial engineers and manufactures piping systems for the mining sector that are designed to withstand harsh environments while minimising costs. Our water treatment solutions prioritise environmental stewardship and our technology includes innovative, patented designs for easier installation and enhanced system performance. We provide scalable designs and data-driven management tools for proactive partnership with mining companies. BT Industrial’s commitment is to blend technical ingenuity with sustainable responsibility for unmatched value.

Tailored for Your Unique Requirements

Our engineering solutions are customised to ensure the design life of your processing operations is met. Our pipe technology choices are deeply informed by factors including durability under African conditions, cost of transportation, and ease of installation.

Sustainable and Responsible Mining

We are driven by the need for environmental stewardship in the mining sector. Our designs provide clear, quantified CO2 savings, which contribute directly to improving your Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) scores.

Optimal Return on Investment (ROI)

All these factors—precision in design, reduction in CAPEX and operational costs, and enhancement in ESG scores—converge to ensure an optimal ROI for your mining operations. We don’t just aim to meet industry standards; we strive to set new benchmarks for value and efficiency.

Groundbreaking Extra-Long HDPE Coils

Our BT manufactured extra-long HDPE coils significantly streamline installation. By reducing the number of connections by a factor of five, we offer faster, more cost-effective installation with fewer points of potential failure. This approach delivers an unprecedented blend of reliability, efficiency, and economic advantage.

Award-Winning Excellence and Innovation

With multiple presidential awards, international certifications, and a portfolio of patents and trademarks, BT Industrial stands as a beacon of reliability, innovation, and quality in the African mining sector.

Reimagine Efficiency in Your Mining Operations

Harness the power of BT Industrial’s tailored solutions for the mining sector. Navigate the intricate challenges of mineral processing, water, and wastewater treatment with state-of-the-art designs built for Africa’s demanding conditions. By prioritising low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), high ROI, and stellar ESG metrics, we ensure your operations are not only sustainable but also economically efficient.


Significant CAPEX
Piping systems can account for 5%-15% of your mine's total CAPEX. With our expertise, transition to the lower end of that spectrum and save substantial investment.
Boost ESG
Our HDPE solutions cut CO2 footprint by up to 40% compared to traditional materials, enhancing your mine's ESG scores and sustainability reputation.
Our innovative long-coil technology has been a game-changer, with mines reporting up to a 20% ROI surge, thanks to slashed transport and installation costs.
Precision in
A staggering 70% of mines overspend due to incorrect pipe and pump specs. BT Industrial ensures you're not one of them.
As lauded recipients of prestigious accolades, including the "Manufacturing Excellence" and the "Industrialist Award" from His Excellency, President Ramaphosa, our commitment to excellence is unwavering.

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