BT Industrial Evolution & Milestones

Building for Tomorrow: A Journey Inspired by Science and Engineering

At BT Industrial Group, we are driven by innovation, engineering excellence, and grit. This is underpinned by environmental consciousness, where we believe we should leave our planet better and cleaner for our posterity. Beginning in 2007, our journey is marked by milestones reflecting growth, quality, and global resonance.

From humble beginnings to receiving accolades from His Excellency the President of South Africa, President Ramaphosa, we proudly share our history, achievements, and vision for a future shaped by scientific and engineering prowess.

Our Legacy

A Period of Growth and Diversity

The inception of Lekola Global Capital (LGC) in 2007 marked the beginning of multiple acquisitions and successful turnarounds across various sectors. LGC’s diverse interests laid the foundation for BT Industrial Group, embodying our early commitment to innovation, growth, and excellence in various fields.


Embracing Technology

LGC’s acquisition of AfricaWeather marked our first foray into risk management. Specialising in severe weather warnings for mining companies, we expanded these services into insurance and innovatively launched solutions in Australia for Youi and Hollard. This expansion was a significant step forward in our global reach.



First Recognition

Our founder, Kgomotso Lekola, was named runner-up for Businessman of the Year. This prestigious recognition celebrated his vision and leadership. It also symbolised our aspiration for excellence, innovation, and our growing reputation in the business world.


Strategic Sale and New Directions

LGC sold AfricaWeather to ASX-listed FairFax Media (Weatherzone) in 2015, a critical milestone that allowed us to realign our focus. We reorganised Lekola Global Capital, focusing on more distinct needs on the continent, and launched BT Industrial Group, further defining our path in engineering, manufacturing, and innovation.



The Birth of BT Industrial Group

We reorganised Lekola Global Capital and launched BT Industrial Group with two main businesses, manufacturing and engineering services. Our engineering services focused on the Electrical, Mechanical, and Chemical disciplines.


Water Management Triumphs

Our successful engineering and water management projects for various mines further sharpened our focus on the need for effective fluid conveyance and treatment. This is essential in driving Africa’s development in the same way Roman aqueducts shaped the city of Rome in ancient times.


Growth and Expansion

Moving to our first factory location in Germiston was a significant step. With 4,000 square meters under roof and a 3,000-square-meter yard, this move positioned us for growth. It allowed us to hone our skills in the entire operations management arena encompassing procurement, production, quality, and logistics, to name a few.


Emerging as the Fastest Growing HDPE Manufacturer and CEO Circle Winner for Entrepreneurship

Achieving certifications like ISO9001 and ISO4227 strengthened our commitment to quality. With a plant capacity of 8,000 MT per month and expanding customer base across Africa, BT Industrial became the fastest-growing HDPE manufacturer in South Africa. We were honoured with the CEO Circle award for entrepreneurship, highlighting our commitment to industry growth.


A Healthcare Revolution

We responded to COVID-19 by producing medical-grade fabrics and masks. Our unique production technique led to an Entrepreneurship award, symbolising our agility, innovation, and commitment to global health solutions.


Transforming Medical Solutions

We designed and patented the BT Optimus low-dead volume syringe to optimise the COVID-19 vaccine rollout. This innovation extended our impact into medical technology, enhancing efficiency and reducing waste.


A Year of Honour and Innovation

Honoured with the Industrialist Award and a Presidential Award for Manufacturing Excellence, we continued to innovate by designing the Opti range of pre-filled syringes. These patented products optimised vascular access management, further contributing to healthcare cost reduction and patient care.


New Horizons

Our move to new premises in Benoni marked a key milestone signifying our significant growth. Encompassing 6,500 square meters under roof and a yard of 11,000 square meters, this move embodied our continual expansion and commitment to excellence.

Responding to New Challenges

We expanded our consulting practice, to Pipe and Plant Design, which complements our existing HDPE manufacturing business. Our innovative response to recycling water challenges and ROI requirements will be key elements to ensure our success.


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