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Welcome to BT HDPE Manufacturing: the future of Africa’s HDPE pipe and accessory industry. We are creating a sustainable future for our continent while serving essential industries such as mining, agriculture, bulk water infrastructure, construction, and green hydrogen production.

Experience The BT Industrial Advantage: A Sustainable Choice

Our HDPE pipes are more than just products. They are a step towards a greener and more sustainable world. Designed with your project and needs in mind, our pipes are lightweight, flexible, and have a significantly lower CO2 footprint compared to other piping technologies. This makes them ideal for accelerating infrastructure development, ensuring safe water delivery for human consumption, supporting industries, and enhancing food security.

At the heart of BT Industrial’s commitment to innovation and quality lies our sprawling 6,500 m² facility, featuring ISO 9001-certified management systems and products endorsed with SABS SANS4427 certification. We believe in making a difference, not just for our customers but for the world as a whole through our memberships with various industry bodies and active participation in technical forums. We’re always contributing to the development of sustainable solutions that benefit all Africans.

Tailored Piping Solutions for Africa's Unique Challenges

The correct specification can lead to up to 30% savings on piping costs without compromising quality

BT Industrial offers customised piping solutions specifically designed to cater to the unique environmental challenges of Africa. Our expert engineering team has the ability to adjust pipe and material specifications as required, ensuring that our solutions are effective in resisting harsh oxidative and chemical degradation. Our clients have reported up to 30% savings on piping costs without compromising system reliability or lifespan. Our materials are meticulously chosen to withstand Africa’s demanding conditions, resulting in decreased maintenance expenses and systems that often exceed their projected design life. At BT Industrial, we combine knowledge and innovation to overcome challenges. Choose us for your piping needs.

Next-Gen Production Meets Unparalleled Backup Assurance

Ensuring Uninterrupted Workflows and Scalable Project Management with Computer-Controlled Production and Strategic Backup Systems

BT Facilities takes pride in pursuing excellence and sustainability. Our computer-controlled production lines are not just about speed and efficiency, they are a testament to our commitment to uninterrupted workflow and responsible resource management. To safeguard against unforeseen challenges, we have installed a backup line for each primary production line. Our advanced infrastructure extends to our expansive 12,000 m² yard, which boasts two robust cranes. This allows us to manage projects of any scale or complexity with ease. Choose BT Facilities for innovative and green solutions that are scalable to your needs.

Marrying Technology and Precision: BT Facility's Advanced Production Mastery

AI-Enhanced ERP, Accurate Weight Meters, and Eco-Friendly Cooling System—Reaffirming Our Dedication to Quality and Environmental Stewardship.

In today’s world, technology and precision are vital to sustainability. At BT Facilities, we’ve embraced advanced AI-backed ERP systems to manage production, ensuring accuracy and peak performance in every product we manufacture. Our weight online meters, in-facility weigh bridge and fully equipped quality laboratory reinforce our promise of unparalleled quality and innovation. But we don’t stop there. We proudly showcase our 120 m³ off-grid cooling system, representing our environmental commitment. We believe that combining technology, precision, and eco-friendly practices is not just a choice – it’s our responsibility to protect the world we all share.


"Our investment in the best and most qualified people
in the right jobs is central to our success"

Farai T Chamisa,
Group Executive Head Engineering
BSc Eng (Mechanical) (Hons), MBL, Pr Engineer


"In driving Africa's development, we recognise our pivotal role. Our commitment isn't just to offer cost-effective solutions but also to engage with our customers as partners in our collective pursuit of progress."


Kgomotso Maphai
Group Executive Head Sales and Marketing
BPhil, BPhil (Hons) (Marketing)

The BT Industrial Advantage
across industries

2 million kg per month

Manufacturing Capacity

20 mm to 630 mm

Range of Pipe Diameter

500 kg per hour

Weighted Average Production Rate

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Maximising Your Project's Efficiency with BT Industrial HDPE Piping

Maximise Efficiency with Extra-long Coils

Optimise transportation and reduce installation costs with our extra-long coils. Our efficient design ensures that your project stays on budget without compromising on quality.

Tailored Piping Solutions for Optimal ROI

Enhance the longevity and performance of your infrastructure with our HDPE pipes, specifically designed for various industrial uses. Our aim is to improve your Return on Investment (ROI) and lower Total Cost of Ownership (TOC), by providing tailored, corrosion-resistant solutions that withstand African conditions effortlessly.

Color-Coded Efficiency & Security for Your Piping Needs

Enhance project management, ensure safety and reduce theft with our color-coded HDPE pipes. Specifically designed to identify their purpose, our pipes are not only efficient but also contribute to security in your operations.

Lightweight, Flexible, and Corrosion Resistant

Our HDPE products offer lightweight, flexible, and corrosion-resistant properties. These attributes ensure ease of installation and a prolonged service life.

Quality Management

Our rigorous and internationally certified quality management system makes BT Industrial Group the preferred choice for infrastructure development in Africa.

Customised Solutions, Tailored for You

As leaders in infrastructure development in Africa, our customised HDPE solutions make us the top choice for discerning industry professionals.

Sustainability and Environmental Responsibility with improved ESG scores

With a lower CO2 footprint compared to traditional materials, our HDPE pipes are a responsible choice for those looking to minimize environmental impact.

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Increase your ROI with BT Industrial HDPE piping

Join forces with BT Industrial and embrace a future of unmatched efficiency and sustainability.

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Seriti Coal Mines

Seriti Coal Mines – 28km Pipeline

The project entailed the installation of a 28km pipeline that ran from Mac Dam to Proxa Brine plant, Lethabo Power Station, and a control dam. The pipeline was constructed using HDPE piping to ensure optimal performance and durability.

The BT Industrial Advantage

We finished the project earlier than expected. The pipeline was overdesigned and overspecified, which is common in most mines. We presented our findings to the CEO, CFO, and Chief Procurement Officers, demonstrating the impact of the over-specification and suggesting ways to optimise the design to reduce the project’s CAPEX by 34%.

Macadamia nut farm in Mpumalanga

Precision farming for macadamia nuts involves strategically using technology and data-driven techniques to maximise crop production while minimising resource waste. It starts with soil analysis to determine precise nutrient requirements and involves targeted fertilisation and efficient irrigation management. Precision agriculture also utilises monitoring tools to detect and manage pests and diseases, reducing the need for broad-spectrum pesticides. Yield monitoring, GPS technology, and data analytics enable farmers to make informed decisions about crop management, and automated machinery enhances efficiency. This approach optimises macadamia nut cultivation, increasing productivity and sustainable farming practices.

The BT Industrial Advantage

Precision farming aligns well with our ethos and approach. We designed and manufactured the HDPE pipes in line with the system requirements, enabling our clients to reduce transportation and installation costs by 15% relative to alternatives.

Moma mine expansion

Located in Mozambique, Africa, the Moma titanium mine is one of the world’s largest deposits of titanium minerals, situated 160km away from the city of Nampula. Kenmare Resources owns the mine containing the minerals ilmenite, rutile and zircon used to create titanium dioxide pigment. Production of heavy mineral concentrate (HMC) began in April 2007, with 1,201,100t of HMC produced and 853,100t of finished products shipped in 2020.

Mining of titanium minerals at Moma is done through dredging. The first deposit mined was Namalope flats, where the dredges cut the ore at the surface level, causing the sand to slide into the dredge pond that is 800m long, 300m wide and 15m deep. The sand pumped by the dredges is collected by a wet concentrator plant (WCP), which uses two trammels to treat oversized materials while underflow materials pass by the surge bin. The HMC is separated from silica sand and clay tailings by spiral separators, with the total sands mined comprising 5% of the weight of the HMC.

The expansion of Moma involved upgrading the capacity of the existing dredges, MSP, product storage facility and WCP. A new WCP, wet high-intensity magnetic separation (WHIMS) unit, auxiliary ilmenite plant (AIP), starter and dredge pond were added. The new WCP has a 2,000tph spiral feed capacity at a new dredge pond on the Namalope reserve.

We collaborated with Hatch, an international Engineering Consulting firm, to undertake the Kenmare overland piping project for the mine. The project required 19 kilometers of SANS 4427-2 HDPE pipes and related accessories, which measured 450mm and 200mm, respectively. The pipes underwent rigorous standards and compliance testing.

The project needed to be completed between levels 3 and 5 of the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to the lockdown, border control was stringent, making transporting raw materials and finished products in and out of the country extremely difficult.

The BT Industrial Advantage
Our team successfully completed the project despite the obstacles brought by the COVID-19 pandemic, including different levels of lockdown. We efficiently managed the inbound and outbound logistics of raw materials and finished products, demonstrating our unwavering commitment to project success. We met and exceeded expectations by adhering to production specifications and delivering all piping ahead of schedule. 

This project’s success highlights BT Industrial’s exceptional expertise in HDPE pipe manufacturing, adaptability in challenging situations, and dedication to providing clients with outstanding results.

Moreover, Kenmare proceeded to achieve production and profitability records from the Moma mine.

Kenmare achieves record interim revenues; embarks on $30m share buyback (