Revolutionising Agricultural Sustainability and Efficiency

Empowering the Future of Agriculture with Smart, Sustainable Water Solutions and Innovation

Advancing Africa’s Agriculture with Reliable, Scalable and Low Cost Solutions

In agriculture, tackling water scarcity is a must. We need smart water use and strong pipes for tough conditions, and lowering CO2 impact with sustainable water management matters. At BT Industrial, we’re here to back African farming with custom, energy-efficient water solutions that foster growth in the sector.

Sustainable Water Management for
Resilient Farms

Our systems encourage water reuse, showcasing your farm as a sustainable leader while cutting reliance on finite resources. This approach boosts savings and resilience against climate shifts. Our adaptable designs, with precise monitoring, drive productivity and minimise waste.

Patented Biofilm Destruction for Optimised System Performance

Leveraging our patented technologies, including biofilm destruction solutions, BT Industrial ensures that your water treatment systems operate at peak capacity. This advanced approach extends system lifespan, improves water quality, and reduces maintenance costs, all of which are critical to the consistent, successful operation of modern agricultural enterprises.

Groundbreaking Extra-Long
HDPE Coils

Our BT-manufactured extra-long HDPE coils significantly streamline irrigation and water management installations for agriculture. By reducing the number of connections by a factor of five, we enable faster, more cost-effective installation with fewer points of potential failure. This approach delivers an unprecedented blend of reliability, efficiency, and economic advantage, putting your farm at the forefront of modern, sustainable agriculture.

Low Total Cost of Ownership, High ROI, and Enhanced ESG Scores

With BT Industrial, your agricultural operation benefits from solutions designed to lower total cost of ownership (TCO), elevate return on investment (ROI), and boost your environmental, social, and governance (ESG) scores. These factors are integral to our designs, demonstrating your commitment to sustainable, responsible farming.


Elevate your agricultural productivity whilst safeguarding our environment.
With BT Industrial's groundbreaking extra-long HDPE coils and water treatment solutions, we streamline your installations.
Reduce your operational expenses, and fortify your commitment to sustainability.
Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), heightened Return on Investment (ROI), and robust Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) performance.

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