We hold shares in AfricaWeather, leaders in weather risk management for industry. They help industry to reduce the costs of weather-related disruptions.

  • 1.
    Monitoring disruptions
    AW track storms, grounded lightning strikes and storm activity that might be of interest to our clients.
  • 2.
    Generating warnings
    And immediately inform clients on how their operations or safety procedures may be affected.
  • 3.
    Enabling client response
    Clients are thus enabled to respond appropriately to save lives and property.
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AfricaWeather service 6 main industries

AfricaWeather service all the freight rail in South Africa, we monitor severe weather that may cause derailments, e.g. an extreme movement in temperatures will cause track expansion or contraction, which leads to derailment. We warn operational staff of the risk in time to take action. We have reduced Transnet Freight Rail weather-related derailments to zero.

AfricaWeather assist the mining industry in increasing operational efficiencies and safety by warning the mines of lightning activity or approaching thunder storms. Lightning activity on a mine can result in death, equipment damage or premature explosions when blasting.

AfricaWeather assist airlines with improved short-term planning, which has a substantial impact on profitability (e.g. re-routing flights due to poor visibility or storm activity).  We currently save Airlink 35 re-routings per year per route.

AfricaWeather provide policyholders with a 30 min warning of hail storms about to hit residential suburbs. This allows the policyholders to move their vehicles under cover. We currently have about 85% market share in insurance alerts. This service has now been extended to Australia through Weatherzone – the South African owned Youi Insurance in Australia is the first client.

AfricaWeather run and have various applications across mobile platforms. These service the general public and provide them with accurate weather forecasts, national warnings, storm tracking and unusual weather warnings.

AfricaWeather provide lightning alerting for about 70, mostly private, schools in South Africa. When there is lightning in the vicinity of the school, the system sets off a siren and a strobe light. It also sends SMS’s to identified people at the schools. This  enables schools to manage lightning risk.